www.rockboat.com Start your engines folks, set your vacations to cruise control, and get ready for the greatest five days of your lives. The Rock Boat Niner has been designated for assignment! Be prepared to rock out with your good buddies Blackberry Smoke, Sister Hazel and over two dozen other amazing acts, sing along ‘til you're hoarse, and party ‘til the sun comes up with friends you'll never forget. Rolling out of Miami on Saturday January 17th, The Rock Boat IX will make a pit stop in Nassau, followed by a visit to beautiful Half Moon Cay, then return to home base on Thursday January 22nd. This will all go down onboard the Carnival Destiny, where you'll be able to witness truck loads of live performances on five stages, enjoy 24-hour room service, a full casino, plenty of pools, and more bars than you can shake a stick at! In between the musical action, you'll be able to join in high-octane events like the Flip Cup Tournament (last year we had 32 teams, each with custom uniforms), Open Mic Night, and the now-infamous Rock Boat Confessional (last year's tape has been deemed illegal in 23 of the 50 states). Make sure to watch www.therockboat.com for booking details. And for those planning to make their first Rock Boat appearance, be sure to sign up for the mailing list on The Rock Boat site to be entered into the general on sale raffle! Hope to see you all there! Over and OUT.